REAL UNREAL COSMOS author claims to prove the simulation theory real, says “Universe is a Matrix”

REAL UNREAL COSMOS author claims to prove the simulation theory real, says “Universe is a Matrix”

"You take the blue pill... the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill... you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes" – Morpheus (The Matrix)

Heyy…..Matrix fans and believers there’s news for y’all. Nothing wouldn’t be more surprising if I told you that the same science-fiction movie world entity – THE MATRIX is suspected to be a reality for real-world people like us humans too. Like, it’s already said – “Life is full of surprises”, and it is hardly a probability that stuffs we watch in movies, fictional movies started to become a reality. That’s what is happening in the world of scientists, thinkers, and philosophers around the world. Considering the same thing we saw in the movie – The Matrix which is a preplanned, destined, delusional, or a fake reality that we live and call as our world, our universe is nothing much different than a scientific theory. Yes, there is actually a scientific hypothesis that means the same thing so let’s take a deeper dive into the theory and a little bit of science.

According to a scientific theory, There’s a possibility that we’re all living in a simulation just like video games. Well, hardcore gamers and cosmology enthusiasts would get it what is it I’m talking about? It’s called the Simulation Theory. Originally, this theory was given by a Swedish-Philosopher Sir Nick Bostrom but according to the author of a recent book REAL UNREAL COSMOS: Our Simulated Reality, says that he believes that simulation theory or the simulation hypothesis is indeed real and claims to have discovered evidence to heat up the simulation argument once again.
Author and Researcher, Saurabh Gupta is an Indian cosmology & physics enthusiast and an IT bachelor. He has been researching on this particular domain for 5 years and finally found the reasons why the universe is a simulation after connecting the dots and therefore came up with various theories & leads that point in the same direction proving the simulation theory real and managed to write a book on it and that’s what is Real Unreal Cosmos, the title of the book says it all that the reality we are living in is gonna be threatened now because reality was never real.

Have you ever wondered why all things in nature follow similar patterns? Like for eg.:
• Why is it necessary for all the things which are thrown in the air to fall on the ground?
• Why do the planets revolve around the sun following the gravity and motions?
• Why does the mass of the planets affect the acceleration due to gravity?
• Why do things repel and come back when hit against the wall?
• Why does the light refract & reflect?
The answer to all these questions is simply because of the physics of the universe. Like there is a law that governs every country similarly, physics is that law that governs throughout the universe. The laws of physics are applied on every scale as big as this cosmos and as small as the particles like electrons. Well, it is a fact that humans studies nature and thus discovered the laws of physics but remember that all of it was already a part of the universe. Nature used to follow the patterns observing which scientists created laws in physics.
So, coming to the main objective, why does the universe follow the same instructions everywhere? Who controls and governs the universe and makes the universe follow certain patterns which we call “physics” in our human language? Now, this is where the reality of the cosmos comes into a threat. There’s a clear indication in the above context here that we as the whole universe are being controlled by somebody, some supernatural being, aliens, or simply some sorta controller much like what we call “GOD”. And the laws of physics are the code through which the creator of the universe programmed us. IT’S CLEAR WE ARE ALL PROGRAMMED. Because the existence of physics says it all. It clearly indicates that the creator controls the universe by passing those instructions we say physics. The physics is the instructions, the instructions are the codes and the universe is the program built on the same code.

Well, this is a very similar phenomenon to physics. Physics is the law of the universe and so is karma. It applies everywhere. For the people who don’t know, Karma simply means – If you do something wrong you’ll pay for it later.
To us humans it is a fact and is applicable, but why it is destined to happen? Why is it necessary for the criminal to get punished? Well, it obviously is necessary but still why does that happen for sure? It’s like you cannot escape from it. If you’re wrong, then you’re wrong and you’re gonna get punished for it someday but sure you will and you have no literal choice but to repay for what you did. That’s what karma is, it is like nature has its own court of jurisdiction that punishes the guilty similar to what is physics it’s applied everywhere to every one of us.
Hence, these were also a couple of instructions from the creator of the universe so when he did develop the universe, he embedded this code also with physics and millions of other things we don’t know or ever will. The creator understood thoroughly that humans in the future will get worse and try to fight among themselves and harm each other hence he created such a law or a restriction you can say for us.

So, both of these points or pieces of evidence clearly indicated that we are all programmed by some supernatural being and everything in this universe we will ever know is already preplanned and destined to happen. Both of these points were taken from the very first two chapters of Real Unreal Cosmos. The book is amazing and so far it’s really convincing to believe that the reality is unreal and we’re literally living in a simulation.
For more information, the evidence, or simply the reasons to find why the universe is a simulation, purchase the book Real Unreal Cosmos by Saurabh Gupta which is available as both ebooks and paperbacks on Amazon, Google Play Books, and Flipkart as well.

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