Useful Telegram bots you should know.

Telegram is one of the best and the most used applications in the world, it has over 1B+ downloads on Google Play Store. It is more than a messaging application. It is widely known for its Bot feature, these bots perform many functions you’ll be shocked to know.

Now, let’s see what is a Telegram Bot.
Telegram bots are artificial intelligence programs that run within the Telegram application. They perform many functions like Broadcasting, file conversion, and many more. In short, they make our life easier and more productive.
So, let’s take a look at the best Telegram Bots!

File Converter Bot is an easy-to-use file conversion tool available on telegram. By the Name itself, we get an estimate about the bot.

So, File Converter works on the basis of file conversion, we can convert files from one format to another. Images, Audio, Video, and other files are supported. Video messages and audio messages(Telegram and Whatsapp) are supported too. bot is an easy-to-use Telegram Bot which is used for generating a disposable email address and then receiving emails. You will most commonly use it if you want to signup on an application or website which doesn’t seem to be secure.

File to Bot enables us to keep files on the cloud with unlimited storage. You can share the files in the chat and the bot will store them. Users can also generate a link to that specific file and making it available for others to download. anyone with the link can access the files and even download them.

Through GetMediaBot we can direct download videos from YouTube, Facebook, music from Soundcloud, and photos from Instagram. download media from anywhere on the internet.